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Quality lead generation

The leads start with the quality of the traffic. We improve and measure the website traffic with 2 steps- converting visitors to lead, then opportunities.

Advanced tracking, sales and reporting

Using well-versed metrics with the help of dashboards that identify the campaigns, revenue analytics, and sales cycle.

Targeting and pitching audience

Vellko understand the requirements and situation faced by the audience and help them with a proposed solution using our products or services

Performance based marketing​

There are several performances done by Vellko like impressions, clicks, engagement, leads, and sales. All these performances are measured through cost per technique.

Link based marketing techniques

Marketing is done with an advancement of technology like SEO, Optimization of contents, defining market segment that helps in link building

Increased in ROI

ROI is inversely proportional to investment. Lesser will be the investment, the greater will be the ROI. This is only possible with Vellko

Get Associated with Vellko

Be a partner with us and get a desired advancement and awareness of the industry’s needs and demands. It will help you more in promoting and facilitating products. Have a chance to increase the earnings with exposure and flexibility.




Advertiser Services

Advertising services include a procedure of creating, planning, commercials, and advertisement of the products using media platforms

Publisher Services

Publishers help you to earn a commission for the leads, traffic, sales by placing affiliate links on proper destination