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Vellko Media is Performance Marketing Agency in a comprehensive term that refers to online marketing and advertising programs focused on driving traffic for specific action; such as a sale, lead, or clicks also performance marketing agency can deliver results to online growth for now and long term. VellKo bring multi-channel marketing expertise and a holistic background in marketing strategy can significantly improve your marketing results as well as save time and money – and most importantly, deliver high ROI
VellKO mission is to create and maintain the best affiliate network by recruiting best global affiliates for all existing and New Brands, and supporting them technically and practically in their marketing campaigns to drive quality converting traffic through our affiliates around the world.
VellKO also strive to provide utmost in performance and service while delivering successful campaign outcome to our client by looking at projects holistically and incorporating multiple approaches and proprietary technologies, also we use a wide array of tools and strategies to build and maintain ROI Positive continue year over the year, E-commerce and B2B brands alike benefit from this Program, whether they convert sales, trying to build a prospect list by lead capture form or ROI goals, SO make that programs more efficient and more scalable for that Vellko Vertical Expert/Marketing managers track report, fetch real results and gather credit for the traffic and sales they drive to delivering the results.

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