Our Team

our team

The team is enriched in several fields on their core proficiency. Having a comprehensive experience in almost all the industries, boosting out the traffic and sales with better ROI. The entire group is very supportive of the clients continuing the smooth functioning in a more advanced way knowing an existing and new market era. We work with a common theme – “generating traffic in the medium of modern marketing and get infinite revenue”. Working with one of the most updated strategies and techniques, the team contributes their efforts in one particular direction. We understand what the customer is looking for. Collaborating with the internal teams to specific needs of the customers.


Deepak Verma

Having experience of more than 6th years and rejuvenating an effective marketing strategy on clients’ projects model ensuring with successful predefined services.

Sr. Affiliate Manager

Shobha Rawat

Having a good experience and managing business negotiation with customers has always kept her motivated for the next endeavor, coordinating with the client and addressing affiliates promptly.

Jr. Affiliate Manager

Neha Deshmukh

Being honest on her duty and taking initiative towards the partner to have a comfort zone while collaborating. Neha is quite dedicated to maintaining a relationship that improves affiliate programs.

We are a group of leader in Innovative marketing solution in terms of an Performance Marketing

We create custom strategies for each client to fulfill their needs and goals, Hitting these objectives will move the business forward. We offer full services based models with a combination of the digital channel to increase visibility on performance. The team is happy to announce that we have built the most connected media team in an industry with the help of building relationships and xearning publication by most prominent channel