Vellko functions on the endeavours of the Complete Affiliate Management System. We have proper proficiency in Affiliate Marketing Programs.

Management of the entire affiliate programs procedure
  • smartly targeting audience
  • Incredibly targeting audience
  • Functions with flexible payout model
  • Adequate usage of dashboards
Detailed Analysis before making a decision
  • Analyzing the performance of the campaign to anticipate future results.
  • More Accurate Data is our supremacy
Optimizing campaigns
  • Smart Procedure for apt client’s acquisition
  • Developer friendly, having robust API
  • Fully integrated with the needed system by the client’s side
Simple and flexible customization
  • Open to customizing according to the requirements of an affiliate
  • Propose Customization for Design, landing pages, icons, content, system settings, and navigation
  • Reliable Management System that creates ease for both parties
Brand Recognition
  • Aims at building up the brand as the most trusted
  • A well-established product is relatively easy to sell out
  • Much focused efforts by the team to showcase the essentialities of a product
Dedicated Affiliate manager
  • Settling issues connected to affiliate marketing strategy
  • Handling the daily operational tasks
  • Recruiting the greatly passionate affiliate for a product
Commission: Based on fixed and recurring
  • High demand SaaS affiliate programs
  • A productive way to get streamlined revenue
  • Amasses stable and predictable commission
Building up technique with best marketing materials
  • It comprises affiliate marketing resources like content, creativity, online tools, and affiliate programs
  • Dealing with the daily operational tasks
  • Recruiting the most dedicated affiliate for a product

how Does it Works?

The process of Affiliate Marketing Framework at Vellko revolves around these 4 key players:

    Also known as the retailer, maker or a company pursuing to promote their products/services. We have the best traffic and best publishers for your products. The data that has been employed for you is fully curated seeing your growth.


    We have the best products for you to promote. You can choose from all trending verticals. The affiliate programs are being formulated to let you earn more. Let's unleash the power of promotion & Affiliate Marketing.


    The potential buyers, who get reliable sources from Vellko. The consumer gets an ultimate solution to their problems in the form of a product/service at affordable prices.


    We are a robust platform that has a strong affiliate connection with affiliate marketing merchants. This inclines to increase the branding and enable to broadcast to the broader aspect of networking.