As we all are growing day by day, so is the technology. When we go to the last scene there was nothing on the land, no setting of companies, no, business, no revenue, no marketing, and people used to collect the eatable from the forest, rearing animals, having grain, and many more. But as the time passed people started getting modernized and the late 19-20 th century you can have huge changes seen not only in lifestyle but also the techniques that they were using for their sustainability. Today, Vellko is going to discuss a short brief regarding this topic.

There are many types of marketing done in the present scenario these are as follows-  digital marketing, affiliate marketing, traditional marketing, internet marketing and social media marketing. Except for traditional marketing, all are the medium of modern marketing. Before coming to a conclusion let us discuss what each marketing means and how it is done.

What do you mean by Digital Marketing

By the word digital means any activity done on the Internet. Digital Marketing means the kind of process including promotion, lead generation done on digital channels using digital marketing strategy. The channels can be SEO, SMO, Paid search advertising, website optimization, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, PPC, and Google Ads. It is a great platform that has been operated in the entire country and this is one of the best platforms where you need not have to visit country to country to meet people and market among them.

You can simply connect these people presented on several platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many more by simply sending the request on one click. These platforms are made where you can connect with them, share your brand, discuss your opinion, discuss your problems, promote your product, and share the offers and build the connection and relation.

Digital marketing strategy uses 4 P’s – product, price, promotion, and place. In traditional marketing, the people used to meet customers in the terms of the physical home like visiting at their home, official place, on a phone call, on-street, and door to door. But here in internet marketing, you can easily meet people online.

In a digital marketing service provider, the internet has provided many things to the people and this is the reason where people are spending more time online as compared to offline. If you are looking to promote your Enterprise or brand then this is the best suitable platform where you can showcase your entire products according to your way. No matter whether the business is big or small. You should always focus on the kind of people you are interacting with and the kind of revenue you are generating.

What do you mean by traditional marketing?

As the word denotes that traditionally encompasses all kinds of offline mediums there were some targets for the people who used to go out of the company and have to complete it by time. Let’s discuss what are the traditional marketing channels? There are services offered like print, broadcasting, tele-calling, outdoor, distributing brochures, putting up banners on street, and mouth marketing. These are some traditional marketing examples.

1.Print marketing

It includes the complete advertisement of the product or brand in the form of magazine newspapers and other printed media. Print marketing also includes the printing up of magazine newspapers that are sold daily. There is a basic difference between digital marketing over traditional marketing. When information is released it directly e overspread in the medium of the internet and on the next morning it gets printed in the newspaper. You can easily see the speed of the information getting spread in both the mediums.

2. Telecalling marketing

Telecalling marketing includes the calling with the help of a phone telephone or sending text messages. It was very popular in the late 1800 -1900 era. People used to call multiple people in a day and sell out the products. In return, their several complaints received if the product was not sent properly. But many fraud calls are coming on the cellphones that create hilarious problems and people have started blocking the number and sending the number in spam reports. It was also advised not to receive any international calls.

Do you think that digital marketing has replaced traditional marketing?

According to our perspective, traditional marketing is still effective in certain kinds of markets. All it depends on several factors like budget, location, goals. Some companies are still preferring traditional marketing but most of the companies of several industries have started digital marketing making their presence online using digital marketing & social media.

When we talk about the rural people, they have trust in traditional forms of marketing whereas in urban areas they have started believing in modern marketing.


These are traditional and digital marketing tactics. I hope you have understood this topic now you have to decide which marketing is suitable for you and which one is beneficial. Vellko is known to be one of the best digital marketing consultants and creating an affiliate network. Think once and do share your answer.

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