Top 5 Push Notifications Traffic Networks

The traffic is one of the best attractive sources where you can get ample customers and it can take you to the next level. The push notifications of affiliate marketing traffic sources is ultimately new to know. You can get a massive result from this new traffic.

What do you mean by push notification?

Push notification is the notifications that are used in the communication channel or apps. Majority of apps use push notification for certain kinds of activities like transactions and re-engagement.

What is the importance of push notification?

Push notifications help users to get a piece of updated information and this is possible according to the affiliate marketing services given by Vellko. Does it help to get a piece of relevant information to specific customers you are looking for? If we talk about the recent study there are approximately 63% notifications received per day on a mobile. Have you ever thought about where these notifications are coming from? These are coming from the messaging or email applicant or daily apps notification. It simply alerts the users to know what they want to deliver a message.

If you and an affiliate are looking for traffic for your desired products then here comes some of the great strategies of how to notify such people so that they shouldn’t forget the concept. This can last them to the sale. Let’s discuss the topmost push notification.

1. Propeller Ads

It was founded in 2011 and is known as one of the top leading traffic networks. Propeller Ads have started offering other types of advertising like native advertising and push notification services. One of the major benefits is that Propeller Ads provides excellent target options. You have an option to choose CPC or CPM. For creating an ad just create an ad campaign and set up the push notification. For collecting traffic you have to deposit an amount of $ 200.

It is one of the first push notification traffic networks. Although they have native advertising. is beneficial for all affiliate marketers. There is so much traffic coming from all the countries and it easily eliminates third-party trackers. It also used the CPC model or cost per click model for the advertisement. If you are looking to generate more traffic from this platform then you need to deposit at least $100 to start the advertisement.


Vellko is the high paying affiliate program, where it helps several clients to get more and more traffic as per the requirement. It is one of the High Paying Affiliate Programs to make money, where it operates between advertising and promoters into a common platform. It includes various types of models like CPL, CPA, and CPS.

Several of them collaborate with this platform then they can receive most of the useful notification whenever the lead is generated and the customer has given the interest. Similarly, Vellko also keeps an update with all the customers by giving the regular notification according to the season and why they are broadcast in the discounted offer.

This understands that customers are getting the regular updates from which platform and you can show interest anytime anywhere and at any moment. Why is the customer interested ? He can simply become a lead which can further become a regular customer?


Many more platforms are available who are regularly working for push notification. Affiliate marketing is quite involved in it. New people are coming and browsing an online platform and becoming a part of traffic sources. Here affiliates are also working to select one of the best customers who are interested to purchase your product. Similarly, an Affiliate can earn a lot of commission or incentives. So it can be said that push notification is one of the beneficial options for all the athletes and towards the clients. It should be maintained ever walked one of the most updated strategies to be discussed. We hope that this will be one of the major advantages of your organization. If you have any query related to us or how to perform it you can freely ask us.


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