Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

We are in the middle of the year 2020 and this is the high time to accept and face the marketing challenges by grabbing new opportunities. Many companies have started this year and yes they need to promote themselves. Here Vellko Media will discuss the top five digital marketing trends in 2020.

  1. Social Media Marketing of E commerce site

The social media platform is not for the sake of connecting and communicating but it has become an essential part of the marketing point of action. All e-commerce sites do have their presence in social media as they have an option to showcase and advertise in front of the people looking for it.

Shopping is common for all the sections of society and marketing is important for all the e-commerce sites. You can market your product easily without paying any amount and observe the required outcomes that you are looking for.

2. Technology will change the visualization

As the word digital marketing itself means that marketing will be done with the use of updated technology. Gone those days when the salesman used to meet people at door to door and convince them. Technology has changed a lot and there has been a new face of the digital marketing world.

Companies have started making a new presence in digital marketing and you can watch your progress. It has become a trend all over the world.

3. Impact of Artificial Intelligence in all industries

As industries are focusing on brand same the digital marketing is focusing on their growth. Using AI Technology, digital marketers can spot the trends and can make a strategic decision. Artificial Intelligence is progressing the scope of digital marketing.

AI will include techniques like machine learning, natural language processing, virtual reality. Using all these techniques can help you take marketing one step higher.

For example- Chatbot that is available in most of the websites and it communicates with the customer and records their query. There is an automated message inserted to reply when any customers want to enquire. This can increase the number of customers and traffic.

4. Video Marketing Via Digital Marketing

Video is something that gets understood more clearly with the presence of audio and video features availability. Affiliate Marketers can promote their brands using the online platform so that the customer can have a visualization with the help of phones, laptops, desktop, or online web applications.

5. Usage of Social Messenger Marketing

There are several social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Whatsapp. All media contains a messenger option so that anyone can communicate. It is largely used to promote your brand, products and you can easily respond to the customer queries.

Companies are using this as a part of business dealing, sales, and promotion. There are voice searches and smart speakers available like Alexa and Google Assistant that can help to find a better way with an easy search.


Digital Marketing can help you identify the requirement of people searching in the Google search engine, buying behavior patterns, what type of content and products they are looking for? What category of people are available and how to approach them?

Vellko Media which is known for the best affiliate marketing strategy have discussed the topic digital marketing trend and how to improvise in the year 2020. We are there to help in this situation and look forward to supporting your business and organization.


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