The Art Of High Traffic

One of the leading challenges by the means of Digital Marketing is receiving high traffic. This is the most important concern in terms of traffic. Traffic is the most imperative leading term for any business. Search Engine Optimization is becoming very difficult because of a lot of competition in the market which deals with traffic. Various strategies are taken by Google to push the organic result in top ad listings. Facebook is the most important social networking site which deals with lots of traffic regularly. The advertisement on Facebook is more costly day by day. Due to a lot of competition in the industries’ various advertisements are being launched by date today. Click through ratio deal with a display ad is lower than 0.1%. People are smarter, they read the blog, content, or something from internet marketing which is very valuable for them. YouTube also plays a vital role in generating traffic by commercial or non-commercial terminology. But many of us skip those ads because that is not related to our business and the competition goes on.  Solution to get lots of traffic: The finest way out to this predicament is to construct your tribe to resolve the issue of traffic, your community or group, and your sets of fans and groups. Several communities treat the sale as the ending of the connection flanked by them and their leads accordingly. On one occasion they put up for sale, they ran away from their customers to get further traffic and sales and which was most important for the business environment. You need to add value to your tribe just because to increase the bussines and traffic you need to offer after-sales service to build trust. Vellko provides an affiliate program to increase sales and leads. At what time you signed up for an email listing starts giving you worth. A set of marketers do not do that regularly. They make leads and then they sell it. Do webinars and provide them a free class to increase the sales and traffic of the business. Affiliate advertising is being continued by various companies in the locality to fulfill the need for traffic to become an affiliate. Top affiliate programs are still suggested by using Search engine optimization, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Social Media advertising to get traffic because we all live in the internet world and the use of technology is the most important aspect but it is supposed to only be an entry point into your desert island. It is the initial part of traffic and leads. Affiliate networks play a vital role in getting the role of higher traffic and revenue. On one occasion you have your foundation ready employing the blog’s valuable content, a community, your tribe, and your best content courses then you will befall more prevailing in your market after once your homeland is ready. Then automatically the audience will reach towards you. Your rivalry can pinch your clients, however, they cannot take your fans because services matter a lot. The Internet is the medium of modern marketing. Affiliate marketing can be used in a suitable medium to increase sales concerning traffic and revenue. Vellko provides you an advantage of an affiliate network that boosts up traffic. If you have developed worth for your fans, if you encompass preparing a put down into a bank account then automatically traffic is generated. Due to which it balances your work and no one can capture it from you because it is secure and safe. It cannot be taxed or exhausted or derivative likely due to which in the industry there will be only one copy of it which is worth and it will stay mounted in a compounded means on the whole time. A lot of people who are doing a start-up business website are very much interested in content for their website to beat others’ competition. According to which you will become a strong player in the market concerning your competitor. They will make new and different strategies to lower your business but you have to keep working on your business to beat the world and close-minded people. Vellko is the best digital marketing and affiliate market company in Bhopal which provides digital marketing services. As a result of constructing a tribe, accumulation worth to them, and then letting them spread the word about you this will increase their respect towards them. The best affiliate program is thereby highest paying an affiliate marketing company to generate revenue to get lots of audiences by different models. 1. Do a webinar to get 2500-3000 people to tell others about your business. 2. Consistently inscribe a blog post, to get 5,000 novel readers and 100s of comments on it to increase the traffic. 3. YouTube video should be posted that gives 1,000s of views organically and to increase subscribers. Conclusion So this is the blog given by Vellko. People can understand how people are working hard to generate leads and acquiring traffic. If your website has a good ranking and huge traffic it means your 50% of work has been done by the website and SEO optimization itself. Rest is up to you and just have to convert those leads into sales. In today’s world, many affiliates are working rigorously to promote the product in more and more platform and social media accounts. In case if you have any queries regarding how to generate traffic for a fresh website then you can feel free to ask and our support team will be there to help.

How CPA Marketing Works

Hello Guys!! Hope you all are well. Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing where Vellko has brought something new and interesting to all the affiliates. CPA which means Cost for Action or Cost per Acquisition. It is one of the most scalable and ROI methods to monetize your website and application. There are many e-platforms available to advertise your brand having no guarantee of sales or revenue. In this case, CPA marketing allows you to only pay when the sale has occurred. This is a simple process when you get after completion of an action. In contrast, affiliate marketing allows you to only pay somebody has purchased. In the comparison , these CPAs are considered to be one of the easiest methods. Do you know why? It is because when you send a bulk of traffic to your team, it is the responsibility for the entire team to convert it into sales and you will be paid for the work you have done. This means that there is no workload on your process. Simply, you just have to drive traffic from various sources to your organization. Let’s discuss how CPA marketing work on online platforms 1.If you are an affiliate or publisher, there are influences that promote your product and brand to drive the bulk of traffic to your website and rest make your required conversions. 2. If you are a business or an advertiser- in these ways the brand is required to sponsor or get a partnership with an affiliate to generate the quality traffic to your organization. There are three levels to pass that are an increase in sales, generating leads, and boost up a conversation. 3. If you are in the CPA network, this is a platform that brings togetherness with an affiliate to make money by promoting products and services. Let’s take affiliate marketing examples of a person who wants to be a blogger and imagine developing the blogging strategy. What should be the advertising model? CPA campaign is the best paying affiliate program. CPA network promote the campaign through top affiliate marketing sites where an affiliate is paid for the number of times the visitor comes, shows the action, or click the campaign What are CPA network terminologies? To describe these terminologies here comes VellkoMedia. 1.Affiliate Manager is a person who handles and manages all the kinds of Top Paying affiliate programs. He is responsible for recruitment, engaging and generating revenues with affiliates. 2. CPA networks are only applied to the kind of category. It may be based on products like sports beauty, Healthcare, and fashion. 3. Commissions are only paid once the conversion is tracked. The payment can be performed either at a flat rate or a percentage rate. The percentage rate is that type of conversion rate where the number of successful conversions is divided by the total traffic. 4. Contextual link is that kind of link which is placed within an affiliate weblink to advertise the website. 5. ROI (Return On Investment) is the kind of money that is made on the campaign. How to earn with CPA Marketing? Let’s discuss the payment model of CPA marketing. The cost per action formula is a low-risk method. They are used to pay the Desire action done by an affiliate such as paid traffic where you are just paid to get the people on your side through an ad and campaign. The formula for CPA marketing is the total cost of the marketing campaign divided by the number of successful actions taken. To make it more easy let’s take an example, the organization spends a $1000 marketing campaign and gains 25 successful conversion bi signing up on your form and newsletter. So the cost per action will be $40. The amount of CPA varies according to the type of industry. If we talk about the automotive industry, it has the lowest CPA that is $33.52 approx and the technology has the highest GPA at $133.52 approx. Advantages of CPA marketing CPA Marketing is very profitable in the Medium of Modern Marketing. It is calculated with the required formula offering many benefits and are described below- 1. CPA marketing is easy to set up and launch. You only require a website and a CPA network and you can easily apply any marketing technique under this. 2. There is low risk in CPA marketing as there is no payment made to the publisher unless the visitor converts into a sale, all it depends on the conversion rate. 3.Get a Higher ROI that means customers are used to spending more money when purchasing according to the affiliate recommendation. 4. It helps you to expand your marketing approach, the brand can be anything. You can also spread your brand in a broad audience. Difference between affiliate marketing and CPA – In the terms of payment, CPA is faster than affiliate marketing. – In the terms of the CPA network, you are assigned by an affiliate manager who guides you for the best offers and implements the best approach. – In an affiliate network you can get the affiliate link easily to promote but in CPA if take a bit time and approval to be a part of that network. How to build a successful CPA marketing -All you need is to hire an affiliate manager who can recruit new CPA affiliates. Start engaging them with website owners, sending the complete details of your brands, promotion, and start driving revenue. An affiliate provides an insight into strategic changes. -Offer insight on what types of affiliate links or ads to utilize to optimize conversion. -Provide tips on content that will efficiently promote the merchant’s products. -Send product updates and incipient ingenious to CPA affiliates. -Provide commission based on percentage gain and bonus on the basis of high-performance CPA affiliates. -Avoid CPA networks with bad reviews. CPA Marketing has shady practices with these networks. This is an online money opportunity. It is highly recommended that before switching to any

7 Ways To Earn More With Affiliate Marketing In 2020

If you are running an organization and looking to earn more money, then your products and services are the only vigorous resources that can avail to get as many results if performed on a strategized path. So Vellko media is there to avail you of how to engender revenue by Affiliate Marketing online business. As there are many types of Affiliate Marketing Opportunities then one needs to gain if he is choosing the best quality regarding it. -How to gain traffic/ Leads? -How to sell out the product by an affiliate online? -What are the best affiliate programs to make money? -What is the desideratum of the affiliate marketer website? Now let’s discuss the tips piecemeal How to find your Niche Before finding any niche try to find what are the authoritative ordinances and prospects from customers and try to consummate them by following the ordinant dictations and path to find your strategy. Many people understand the desiderata and then commence by availing those customers. This can take you one step above your caliber and people can adscitiously start approaching you.      2. Expand your conceptions by inscribing blog or visualizing by YouTube Blog and YouTube Channel are the two platforms that allow you to put up in front of the customers. From the customer perspective, they always have two options either by probing it on YouTube or by getting a solution by reading Blogs or any articles. In this way, we can catch these required customers by dragging them on our website. But supplementally many features have its consequentiality. They are: -Ownership of Blog -SEO Traffic -Content Updates & Coupon Codes If you are commencing writing a blog on WordPress then you require to buy Hosting Domain with free plugins available.     3. Start getting traffic on your site If you have implemented these instances, then you are all set to get traffic for your dedicated content. Affiliate Marketers are looking to get some traffic for their brands and products.     4. How to Sign Up for Affiliate Programs For Affiliate Programs, two very famous notions are Hosting and Amazon. This will avail to answer all your questions like how many sales do we get per day? How will we get a  commission? How many magnitudes of traffic should we get those sales?    5. Email and Campaign will avail to get the lead & revenue Two more terms will avail to get more leads and more sales and that is email marketing and email campaign. When we verbalize about a campaign there comes two types of campaign that is paid and unpaid. If you do want to spend any money on paid campaigns then you should have a congruous erudition so that you can set an unpaid campaign. Each Affiliate has its hyperlinks that can magnetize more people to come up on the site.    6. Be vigilant of the updated keywords There are many implements available for affiliates so that they can track their performance – how much progress is needed, how much to consummate. Many implements are very famous nowadays they are: -Google Analytics -Semrush -HubSpot -MailChimp -Trello -Hootsuite -KISSmetrics     7. Having a presence in more than two platforms An experienced Affiliate will always guide not to fixate on one platform rather you should make your presence on sundry platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more where you can utilize your affiliate links engendered for your product and broadcast that links to sundry social media. This will avail you to get customers from all the directions. Conclusion These are some paramount points if you want to earn more with Affiliate Marketing. Above are the utilizable points that have been discussed by some experienced affiliates who are tremendously working to engender leads and making it into sales and earning a substantial amount working with an organization.  

How To Use Google Search Console To Drive More Search Traffic On Your Website

Google is one of the renowned platforms where everyone comes to search, find outs, or look for a solution. Most of the traffic is generated because of the search engine on Google as people are searching to satisfy their needs and requirements. Today Vellko Media will be discussing how to use Google Search Console. If you are looking to drive most of the traffic for your website business then will help you to rank your popular pages of a website. There are some popular keywords that people usually enter in the Search Console. So, we have to strategize our things in such a way so that our website may appear on the top of the ranking and people may easily visit our website. All we have to do is attract our required customers to a proper destination. There are Google’s Algorithms that rank each page according to the content relevancy. If a person enters a keyword and your website page matches the same optimized content with that keyword then Google will easily fetch your website and will drag on the top of the Search Console Window. You can also see the site performance overview like- Total clicks Total impressions Average click-through rate (CTR) Average status of your site (predicated on its highest position whenever it appeared in search) Analyze your website in a more advanced way like- 1. How many lists of pages are present on your website? 2. How many queries are you receiving per day? 3. How many countries are accessing your website /How many countries are collaborating with your organization? 4. How many people are accessing your site with android phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop? Understanding what type of keywords are used for your website After you have reviewed and analyzed your website, now comes to the main essential terms that are keywords. In this case, Google Search Console helps you to access the keyword and you can download it by following these procedures- 1. Click the new button and select the page. 2. Paste the first URL into the lightbox. Click apply. 3. Select Queries from the table menu and click Export to Google Sheets. You can also apply conditional formatting to analyze data on a spreadsheet. Observe the result. Start working on the targeted keywords, and surprising keywords. Optimize your content When you have fetched out the keywords, it is high time to update your content with your existing content to get a higher rank. Start making strong and attractive metadata. Impact of SEO on your website If the content is improved and metadata is updated now you have to focus to plan the SEO process in a statistical way so that SEO can start bringing out a fruitful result. If you optically discern an incrementation in position, CTR, or number of impressions, your transmutations likely had a positive impact. If you visually perceive no transmutation or a decrementation in those metrics, you should tweak the metadata or make changes to your content. Conclusion I hope you have understood the use of Google Search Console. Let us know your marketing status, how you are analyzing and implementing it? If you have any questions, do ask your questions. We are there to help you in any situation. Always keep your spirit high and be motivated. The result will always be positive!!!

How Affiliate Marketing Can Maximize Your Blog Traffic

Affiliate Marketing is something that allows you to get paid based on the hard work you have done to increase your marketing tactics. It can be anything like promoting any product or service and getting a commission at a required time. If you are publishing any blog, there are mainly 3 kinds of people, they are: Visitor 2. Advertiser 3. Affiliate The Visitor is also called an audience member who goes through your website or application. The advertiser can be a company or the entrepreneur who is set to promote their company and have multiple products and brands offering to the people. The affiliate is the person who is working and generating a relationship with the people to showcase your products and brands that are mentioned on your website or a blog. This will help the affiliate to improve their living standard and income. If we check the past year’s graphs, there are several contents covered on a website that helped the affiliate to increase 175% in Affiliate Network Participation. Most of the Affiliate Marketing Sales revenue has been increased by up to 240% with the help of content publishers over the last 2 years. It is to be noted that when a blog has a strong audience then it can create a huge impact on marketing too. A blog is something that by reading you can drag so many visitors and traffic with the help of content and its beautification. Bloggers generate the audience just because of its content that people find it so relevant and needful to read. To maintain this readiness and trust, bloggers continuously write and update their audience. Is there any profit in maximizing the blog traffic? Yes, there is a huge profit in maximizing the traffic as each blogger is paid in their ways. Let’s discuss the 3 common ways how to earn money through affiliate marketing techniques- • Pay per sale: This is a commission-predicated payment method where you earn a set commission predicated on each sale that emanates from a referral visitor from your website. The more sales you engender for the merchant, the more mazuma you make. • Pay per lead: Here you will get an amount based on the lead you refer to our company. This method is utilized when a utilizer signs up for a program of some sort – a tribulation, demo, newsletter, etc. • Pay per click: Click-through affiliate marketing pays you each time a visitor clicks on the merchant’s ad that’s on your blog. However, not each click converts to a sale and can become quite sumptuous, so the pay-per-click method is infrequently offered by merchants. Here are some of the important points that help you how to increase your reader base Publish the relevant and useful content The content should be so relevant that the reader can stay on your blog for a couple of times. In this way, Google Analytics can show you the complete statistics of the reader and their approach. 2. Engaging with other Blogs Try to establish a mutual connection with other blogs that you are posting on your website. This will help one reader to visit another blog that is already posted on your site. This will increase the traffic not only for 1 blog but for others too. It can be simply done by mentioning the link or topic of other blogs in the current blog by mentioning below. 3. Share blogs on other social platforms If you are posting blogs on the website, then you should also share your link on social media. Because many people are active on social media and we can easily attract them to our website. Conclusion So, this is all about the blog and its uses, and what is the main role of affiliate marketing to increase blog traffic. The affiliate who is looking to sell out or market their product should also pay concern to the blog that is mention on site. This will help the affiliate to work smarter with the people and customers.

The Best Times To Post On Social Media In 2020

Today we are going to discuss very important terms related to the suitable time to post on social media as many companies have started making an online presence on different social media, regularly maintain digital marketing activities and keep on engaging the surrounding people to be a part of our organization. The posting done on social media should be regular when there is a huge crowd of people on your page. Optimal posting time is dependent on the number of followers. More the follower more will be the posting, less followers minimum will be the posting. All it depends on the types of industry, types of products, and types of services. It simply means you are putting your time into editing, creating, posting, and ultimately you are looking for good traffic to see as much as possible. This will strategies the things and you can focus more on the present customers. Vellko Media is going to discuss each social media platform with the best time- 1. Time to post on Facebook According to the report, the best time to post on Facebook is on Wednesday between 11 am – 12 pm. Now some people may ask why not Sunday? It is because Sunday is the worst day, as you may find people available online but they do not pay attention to the business posting or apps rather they will engage more with their friends and other related postings. The team can post on weekdays from 9 am – 3 pm. Early morning and late evening( for example -before 7 am and after 5 pm) have the least amount of engagement per day. 2. Time to post on Instagram On Instagram, the best posting day is Wednesday and Friday around 10 am-11 am and the worst day for Instagram is Sunday and the reason is the same as above. The least amount of engagement occurs during late night and early morning from 11 pm–3 am Instagram does see an increase in activity on Fridays and Saturdays that isn’t present on Facebook. 3. Time to post on Twitter Twitter also follows the same days that are Wednesday and Friday at 9 am but the worst day is Saturday, not Sunday that is quite different from the above ones. The accurate time to post on Twitter is Monday to Friday from 8 a.m.–4 p.m. 4. Time to post on LinkedIn Now comes to LinkedIn. This platform differs from the others on this list because it attracts such a niche audience. Mainly, LinkedIn is made up of professionals looking to network with others in their industry or gain insights for professional development. However, there are many professional people present among them there are people from such an organization, our main focus is to perform organic posting. The best times to post to LinkedIn are Wednesday from 8–10 a.m. and noon, Thursday at 9 a.m. and 1–2 p.m., and Friday at 9 a.m. Tuesday to Friday is the safe time to post from 8 a.m.–2 p.m. The Approximate posting time is from 9 am – 3 pm. The worst day of LinkedIn is Sunday.  Conclusion This blog is really helpful for all the organizations and teammates who are posting regularly on these social media and are engaging many people. But after reading this blog they will develop a proper path and strategy of not doing an unnecessary post that may be of no use. So, work smartly and optimize your time to bring a good amount of results.

How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

There are people interested to become an affiliate and perform affiliate marketing with an organization for their business. What is the main reason behind it? It is just because affiliate marketing helps you to make money online. Today many people are making several strategies for affiliate marketing. Vellko Media is there to discuss how we can generate money implementing this type of marketing. Choose a product that you want to market Checkout desirable product Identify the source of traffic Track & Measure your Campaign Be updated with your technologies 1. Choose a product that you want to market There are many products available in a market for promotion, but a smart affiliate marketer will choose one desired product to focus if you are looking to generate money. If you are selling too many products, then the products wouldn’t get promoted properly. All is needed a proper time to make decisions and research about it. 2. Checkout desirable product Before making money through affiliate marketing, the product has to be ascertained to check whether it is in high demand or not. When the demands are high then we can inculcate that there is a scope of a product and you can easily market using any process or strategy. 3. Identify the source of traffic If you have finalized a product then you must be looking to get more and more traffic so that customers can purchase more products and it will help to promote. There are various platforms to run your ads like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and websites. After getting so much traffic there comes Google AdWords that can track how much traffic you are receiving. More the traffic, more the sales. 4. Track & Measure your Campaign This is a time where you have to track your promotion done for a product. It is a high opportunity time to know what the progress is and which platform it gives you the best result. Select that platform and start making second strategies to get a dedicated or interested customer. Focus to advertise the banner regularly in different areas. The fundamental statistics of different affiliate programs are available, and you might need it for your campaign, but you can still utilize a conversion tracking software of your own as well. 5. Be updated with your technologies It doesn’t matter with what background you are, technologies are the one that remains common for all and if you are dedicated to affiliate marketing then you should be updated with new upcoming technologies. Develop these techniques on your daily workouts and ensure that these methods will help you out. It is good that you are working for an organization but be aware that an organization shouldn’t be a fraud, there must be no negative reviews from customers because this can lead you to decrement your sales. When promoting a product, you are also promoting the person or organization that owns the product. This should be the first thing to ken before culling the product you are promoting. You surely don’t want your clients to be unhappy after purchasing the product. At last, you may feel happy with your customer offering good customer service. Conclusion Affiliate Marketing has a wider scope and a lot of organizations are adopting this method soon in every industry. I hope that you must have understood how to earn money through affiliate marketing. Now, what you are waiting for? Go and select the product and start applying the above methods. Get the right product, strategies the thing, and start receiving the qualified leads. If you face any problem, then do let us know. We will come back with a proper solution.