We know that nowadays people want to continue business through online mode to become a better return on investment. Taking digital marketing and advertising on a vital aspect will help you to take one more step above in your success story. Maintaining a strong revenue needs a rigid CPA network that will scale up less marketing efforts.

Here come CPA, refined marketing strategies beneficial to monetize your website or online application platform. CPA has a great advantage to both an advertiser and publisher. Affiliate will only get a commission when a sale has occurred through CPA ( Click Per Action). Action is meant when it gets triggered by the customer.

What is the role of the CPA network?

The role of the CPA network is to promote the campaign through the affiliate method. This campaign has a set amount of payout at each time when a visitor performs any action.

Working procedure of CPA

Let’s discuss the working procedure of CPA with the help of 3 major roles played by the people. An affiliate or publisher promotes the product and brand and drags the required traffic in terms of maximum conversion into the sale of products.

A business or an advertiser performs a partnership with an affiliate and affiliates are the ones that can help you in promoting your product using their strategies. Once the sale is made by them, they have an opportunity to earn a fixed commission as discussed earlier.

CPA network gives us a network where an affiliate and advertiser can work together by gathering through an online platform. Many of them continue to publish blogging on their site and earn money.

The network brings together and the audience can have a look to try out the product and learn more information regarding it.

CPA Network Terminology

1.Affiliate Manager: An affiliate manager is a person who manages a program and recruits the best affiliate person for a merchant. They are responsible for engaging with affiliates and engendering revenue.

2.Category: The niche for which the CPA offer applies (sports, fashion, resplendency, health, etc).

3.Chargeback: Chargeback means when a sale falls through according to action. Since the sale was never finalized or an item was returned, the commission is already paid in advance and hence deducted back into the advertiser’s account.

4.Commission: The payment an affiliate receives—either a flat rate or percentage—once a prosperous conversion is tracked.

5.Contextual link: This is a kind of text link placed that links to the advertiser’s website.

6.Conversion rate: Conversion rate is a percentage rate at which a particular action is performed. In other words, the number of prosperous conversions divided by the total traffic.

7.Cookies: In affiliate marketing, cookies are acclimated to assign a unique ID to a utilizer who has clicked the affiliate link to an advertiser’s site for a concrete duration.

8.Cost per action (CPA): An online advertising strategy that sanctions an advertiser to pay for a designated action from a target customer.

9.Earnings per click (EPC): The average amount an affiliate earns every time a utilizer clicks an affiliate link.

The webpage where the conversion is made after a visitor has performed action is called the offer page. Return on investment (ROI): Refers to the magnitude of money made with a campaign.

Advantage of CPA Network

1.This network is easy to create. It needs a gathering of advertisers, affiliates, and people with some ingredient of marketing technique.

2.Not to worry about payout in advance

A business will always get two ways of traffic, first the traffic that doesn’t convert and second the traffic that converts. It helps you become more influential.

3. No risk and better ROI

4.Expand your marketing reach with a CPA network- make your social media and blogger’s site strong so that you can get ample leads.


CPA network will help you in each stage of your progress whether you are in starting, middle or higher condition. Vellko is one of the Top Affiliate Marketing Company that deals with various multi-branded businesses and helps them in getting leads to convert them into a sale. There is a various campaign run by this organization that allows the advertiser to invest a small amount and get the major profit. If you want to implement this strategy then do let us know. The team will help you out in all your ways.

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