Improve User Experience for Your Business Website

There is one common aim to run a business, it is to get more customers, more leads, and more revenue. For this, you need to provide a better experience to customers and clients. The platform can be varied, it may be a business website, digital marketing services, or internet marketing. All these platforms work as a back-end to provide the best customer service with the help of any medium. It can be a cell-phone, mobile, android, laptop, desktop, or tablet.

If you want to improve the user experience for your website then Vellko is there to help all the business owners who are looking to have more business and better relationships. How to improve?

Let’s discuss the benefits of this topic and we will make sure that after reading these benefits you will perform the same strategy.

  1. It helps you to lower down the bounce rates

Bounce rate means the percentage of visitors That stays on a webpage and leaves it without taking any action. The action can be click on the link, fill out the form, and purchase a product.

So the bounce rate should be very low for every website because if your website has a high bounce rate, it means that people are not enjoying your website, and they are not getting a suitable solution for what they are looking for on your site.

So always maintain a lower percentage pulse rate. Always try to build a responsive design or responsive web design so that the visitor must leave any message or any kind of query on it.

This will help the support team to catch up with the visitor as soon as possible with the help of that query. There may be a possibility that a visitor can become your customer.

2. Improving User experience can help in higher conversion rates

Conversion rates and bounce rates work parallelly. Whenever we talk about any website, it is to be noted that conversion doesn’t mean that a lead will purchase your product or go ahead with your service. Rather than conversion rates is that the user on a call to action or they can fill out a form to get more information about your business and website.

So try to make your user more interested in your products and other needs then only the visitor will start taking interest in your platform otherwise it is of no use.

3. Opinion of your brand

The Brand should be the one where people get more attractive with the help of the most popular website giving their brand the most priority. Doing this the people also share their reviews, comments, and re-share to their peers once. If the customer is happy then there may be more chances of revisiting the same customer again and again. This will help your website to become a positive association with your clients.

  1. Why call to action is necessary?

When the developers develop the website, they are more focused on various elements, look and feel page layout and do not have a focus on the call to action. This is very necessary according to the digital marketing strategy. We know that there are several web design services used in it.

Call to action triggered on a link, form, or button that takes the user to the next step. You can also perform click to action on various web pages because it is not decided which page has been accessed by the visitor. Several website design companies developed the website according to their requirement.

There are some ideas where a call to action can be used.

– provide an option subscribe to your newsletter

– there must be a link login your website with their profile like an employee, user, or volunteer.

– always insert a link in a blog post so that they may read the next post.

– try to insert the links wherever it is necessary.

– this gives help visitor to revisit the site again

– you can easily copy this link and keep on your note.

– keep the brochure and prospectus on the web page so that it can be easily downloadable

2. Always select the best font and color

When we talk about a Web Designer or web developer, they usually spend a lot of time on how to develop the website in a very planned manner. Should look attractive and should be visible to all. It should not be too stylish.

Always select the layout, color typography, and font. It should be simple, clean, and easily visible to all. Also, select the best background colors that should match your words and sentences.

3. Remove all the stuff that slows down your website

If your webpage has a higher Bounce rate then your website will not load quickly. If the bounce rate by 50%, means that your website will take an extra 2 seconds to reload and the maximum user will back out from your site.

Some points to be noted

-Do not upload large image size to our website

-The embedded video should be taken care of

-Do not take inadequate web hosting server

-Improve Poor plugins

4. Think about your mobile and tablet consumers

In this competitive world, the website is very imperative for every user concerning business and searching purposes. Under it, responsiveness plays a vital role in it. The website should be easily compatible with mobile and laptop screens. This will lead to an advantage for those people who do not have a laptop or desktop.

People generally look towards the functionality of your website i.e. responsiveness, zoom facility, attractive, user-friendly, etc. If on your website the zoom button is very small and the text is too small, then this may lead to the reduction of the traffic towards your website because the user sees all the functionally on the website working fine or not.

It should contain the following points:

1. Font size should be completely visible to human beings, this should not be too small or too big. The text should be easily identifiable.

2.Proper navigation should be cleared because people are more frustrated towards mobile to open a website. This may trend to move people out from the site.

3.As compared to the desktop menu bar that is easily visible at the top, on the mobile phone it is not visible on top, therefore it should be vertically inclined on the phone screen. It should be easily compatible.

4. If your website consists of a form to submit details so there if the text field asks about mobile number then automatically a manual keyboard should be generated of numeric text. This will save the time of the user to change the setting of the keyword and remain away from frustration.


In the medium of modern marketing, there are many processes to work for your product like affiliate marketing, affiliate network, and digital marketing.  For all these services Vellko, the best digital marketing company in Bhopal, will help you to guide how to perform your business with the help of these strategies.

Vellko is also called a digital marketing consultant, where the clients get full support from this online marketing agency. You need not have to search for online marketing companies for different services. Get all in one with us. Save your investment and enhance your future business with the upcoming clients.


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