Google is one of the renowned platforms where everyone comes to search, find outs, or look for a solution. Most of the traffic is generated because of the search engine on Google as people are searching to satisfy their needs and requirements.

Today Vellko Media will be discussing how to use Google Search Console. If you are looking to drive most of the traffic for your website business then will help you to rank your popular pages of a website. There are some popular keywords that people usually enter in the Search Console. So, we have to strategize our things in such a way so that our website may appear on the top of the ranking and people may easily visit our website. All we have to do is attract our required customers to a proper destination.

There are Google’s Algorithms that rank each page according to the content relevancy. If a person enters a keyword and your website page matches the same optimized content with that keyword then Google will easily fetch your website and will drag on the top of the Search Console Window.

You can also see the site performance overview like-

Analyze your website in a more advanced way like-

1. How many lists of pages are present on your website?

2. How many queries are you receiving per day?

3. How many countries are accessing your website /How many countries are collaborating with your organization?

4. How many people are accessing your site with android phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop?

Understanding what type of keywords are used for your website

After you have reviewed and analyzed your website, now comes to the main essential terms that are keywords. In this case, Google Search Console helps you to access the keyword and you can download it by following these procedures-

1. Click the new button and select the page.

2. Paste the first URL into the lightbox. Click apply.

3. Select Queries from the table menu and click Export to Google Sheets.

You can also apply conditional formatting to analyze data on a spreadsheet. Observe the result. Start working on the targeted keywords, and surprising keywords.

Optimize your content

When you have fetched out the keywords, it is high time to update your content with your existing content to get a higher rank. Start making strong and attractive metadata.

Impact of SEO on your website

If the content is improved and metadata is updated now you have to focus to plan the SEO process in a statistical way so that SEO can start bringing out a fruitful result. If you optically discern an incrementation in position, CTR, or number of impressions, your transmutations likely had a positive impact. If you visually perceive no transmutation or a decrementation in those metrics, you should tweak the metadata or make changes to your content.


I hope you have understood the use of Google Search Console. Let us know your marketing status, how you are analyzing and implementing it? If you have any questions, do ask your questions. We are there to help you in any situation.

Always keep your spirit high and be motivated. The result will always be positive!!!

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