Affiliate Marketing has been known to be the best source of earning passive income and has become people’s dream job nowadays. You don’t need capital, to begin with, Affiliate marketing, nor do you need any experience. You don’t have to have an office or whole community to work with you. Affiliate marketing is the sole way to earn endless money all by oneself. And here’s a secret to reveal, one doesn’t even need a website to start it.

Now you must have had a question: how is it possible to execute Affiliate Marketing without having a website? Let’s begin to discuss the methods of doing so:

Find Affiliate Marketing Programs that Don’t Need a Website

Some affiliate programs need you to have a website or they won’t authorize you to their program, including the big brands. There are a lot of great programs that don’t mind if you have a website or not. Just make sure you examine the prerequisites before you apply for affiliate programs.

Best Affiliate Marketing Agency, like Vellko, provides the affiliates and the advertisers with a platform to perform affiliate marketing activities. You must join Vellko to be the best in affiliate marketing.

Employ Social Media to Get the Word Out

We already upload things we love on our social media accounts, so why not get compensated to do it with affiliate marketing?


With 1.88 billion everyday active users on Facebook, there are a lot of potential consumers for the affiliate offers you’re promoting. You can decide to post about the offers on your status, but you can also buy Facebook advertising to obtain the word out faster.

Tip: Facebook is another incredible place to post your affiliate marketing videos without a website.


You can get a lot of leads and generate affiliate marketing sales right off Twitter if you’re sharing/tweeting to the right audience.
Twitter is a place where you can discover all types of people, so it doesn’t be significant who your audience is. They are most inclined on Twitter tweeting or at least browsing tweets.


If you’re extraordinary at posting pictures people can’t get enough of, then Instagram is the excellent place for you to begin as an affiliate marketer and campaign for affiliate sales. When you’re employing Instagram, you should build your following for the long term.

Use YouTube to Get Attention on Your Affiliate Links

YouTube is the ideal place to get in front of people that are seeking solutions. Do some easy keyword research by typing in possible keywords into the YouTube search bar. You’ll be able to see a few predicting phrases that pop up. Once Google discerns that your channel is offering value to its users, you’re taking off to have a much simpler time ranking your videos high within YouTube.

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