Hello Guys!! Hope you all are well. Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing where Vellko has brought something new and interesting to all the affiliates. CPA which means Cost for Action or Cost per Acquisition. It is one of the most scalable and ROI methods to monetize your website and application.

There are many e-platforms available to advertise your brand having no guarantee of sales or revenue. In this case, CPA marketing allows you to only pay when the sale has occurred. This is a simple process when you get after completion of an action. In contrast, affiliate marketing allows you to only pay somebody has purchased. In the comparison , these CPAs are considered to be one of the easiest methods.

Do you know why? It is because when you send a bulk of traffic to your team, it is the responsibility for the entire team to convert it into sales and you will be paid for the work you have done. This means that there is no workload on your process. Simply, you just have to drive traffic from various sources to your organization.

Let’s discuss how CPA marketing work on online platforms

1.If you are an affiliate or publisher, there are influences that promote your product and brand to drive the bulk of traffic to your website and rest make your required conversions.

2. If you are a business or an advertiser- in these ways the brand is required to sponsor or get a partnership with an affiliate to generate the quality traffic to your organization. There are three levels to pass that are an increase in sales, generating leads, and boost up a conversation.

3. If you are in the CPA network, this is a platform that brings togetherness with an affiliate to make money by promoting products and services.

Let’s take affiliate marketing examples of a person who wants to be a blogger and imagine developing the blogging strategy. What should be the advertising model?

CPA campaign is the best paying affiliate program. CPA network promote the campaign through top affiliate marketing sites where an affiliate is paid for the number of times the visitor comes, shows the action, or click the campaign

What are CPA network terminologies?

To describe these terminologies here comes VellkoMedia.

1.Affiliate Manager is a person who handles and manages all the kinds of Top Paying affiliate programs. He is responsible for recruitment, engaging and generating revenues with affiliates.

2. CPA networks are only applied to the kind of category. It may be based on products like sports beauty, Healthcare, and fashion.

3. Commissions are only paid once the conversion is tracked. The payment can be performed either at a flat rate or a percentage rate. The percentage rate is that type of conversion rate where the number of successful conversions is divided by the total traffic.

4. Contextual link is that kind of link which is placed within an affiliate weblink to advertise the website.

5. ROI (Return On Investment) is the kind of money that is made on the campaign.

How to earn with CPA Marketing?

Let’s discuss the payment model of CPA marketing. The cost per action formula is a low-risk method. They are used to pay the Desire action done by an affiliate such as paid traffic where you are just paid to get the people on your side through an ad and campaign.

The formula for CPA marketing is the total cost of the marketing campaign divided by the number of successful actions taken. To make it more easy let’s take an example, the organization spends a $1000 marketing campaign and gains 25 successful conversion bi signing up on your form and newsletter. So the cost per action will be $40. The amount of CPA varies according to the type of industry.

If we talk about the automotive industry, it has the lowest CPA that is $33.52 approx and the technology has the highest GPA at $133.52 approx.

Advantages of CPA marketing

CPA Marketing is very profitable in the Medium of Modern Marketing. It is calculated with the required formula offering many benefits and are described below-

1. CPA marketing is easy to set up and launch. You only require a website and a CPA network and you can easily apply any marketing technique under this.

2. There is low risk in CPA marketing as there is no payment made to the publisher unless the visitor converts into a sale, all it depends on the conversion rate.

3.Get a Higher ROI that means customers are used to spending more money when purchasing according to the affiliate recommendation.

4. It helps you to expand your marketing approach, the brand can be anything. You can also spread your brand in a broad audience.

Difference between affiliate marketing and CPA

– In the terms of payment, CPA is faster than affiliate marketing.

– In the terms of the CPA network, you are assigned by an affiliate manager who guides you for the best offers and implements the best approach.

– In an affiliate network you can get the affiliate link easily to promote but in CPA if take a bit time and approval to be a part of that network.

How to build a successful CPA marketing

-All you need is to hire an affiliate manager who can recruit new CPA affiliates. Start engaging them with website owners, sending the complete details of your brands, promotion, and start driving revenue. An affiliate provides an insight into strategic changes.

-Offer insight on what types of affiliate links or ads to utilize to optimize conversion.

-Provide tips on content that will efficiently promote the merchant’s products.

-Send product updates and incipient ingenious to CPA affiliates.

-Provide commission based on percentage gain and bonus on the basis of high-performance CPA affiliates.

-Avoid CPA networks with bad reviews.

CPA Marketing has shady practices with these networks. This is an online money opportunity. It is highly recommended that before switching to any platform, please read the reviews because you are collaborating with the CPA Affiliate Marketing Network.

There are various networks that offer reviews but plan according to it as which one is good for you and which one is not. After understanding all these platforms you can go to the network reviews tab and search for that platform in which you are interested.

Keep in mind that no network will have a 100 percent contentment rating, so one or two complaints shouldn’t scare you off. The most popular negative reviews topics include:

-Lack of payment (please note that even highly reputable CPA marketing networks may withhold payment for categorical reasons, so review the network’s policies before signing on).

-Unhelpful affiliate managers.

-Arduousness signing up for a network or utilizing the platform.

-Utilize Native Advertising.

The days of embedding uncomely, in-your-face banners across the header of your website are over.

NativeNative ads, or those that resemble your website’s color, layout, and theme, are among the marketing trends to visually examine in 2020.

Seventy-seven percent of all mobile exhibit ad dollars will be spent on native placements.

eMarketer predicts native advertising will make up approximately 60 percent of exhibit spending in 2018 in the US.

Integrating your advertising brands into a high-quality and well versed platform will offer more conversions, as these ads will result in two times more than the banner ads.

List of Top CPA networks

1. Clickbooth has started since 2002 making it more innovative for merchants. It does not charge anything to join with Clickbooth as an advertiser. They can just review the traffic receiving on their website and the entire team of Clickbooth is there to handle all your work.

2.Admitad is a strong network of publishers and advertisers started in 2019 in Germany offering huge services across e-commerce business.

3. Peerfly is launched in 2019. It is a small affiliate marketing company that was ranked as the second-best CPA network in 2016 and the top 5th rank in 2018. This kind of network is more advantageous for new affiliates as it provides free training with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payout by Amazon, PayPal, and Bitcoin.

4. MaxBounty network is for an experienced affiliate manager who can focus on the merchant’s marketing needs and requirements. As the affiliate will offer high-quality traffic to them and they get the weekly payment.


I hope you have understood about CPA marketing. This is a great source with the best affiliate programs to make money. The blog has covered all the important concepts. So let’s get started and be a part of CPA networking. In some instances, we can say that affiliate marketing is a slow process but with the usage of CPA, it can become a fast process. If any fresher wants to take up this as an opportunity then this can be a great chance to opt for CPA where you just need to send the traffic and simply get the commission.

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