Animation is just an option for your email marketing channel. However, these days it becomes one of the crucial ways of user engagement. Stripo showcased 16 awesome examples of animated email and we can claim that the best performing types of animations are:

Animated image for Email

A hero image is an email cover and the first thing the user sees when they open your email. There are so many ways you can animate a hero image. Fade-in, add sparkle, rotate, and more effects to make a solid statement and get noticed.

Animated text for Email

Works especially great for sale offers. With the help of animated text, you can highlight the most significant parts, like a discount or your brand’s USPs and get a better chance to catch user attention.

Animated image sequence for Email

This type of animation perfectly works for eCommerce, as it allows users to better understand what you’re selling on real examples. Combine several photos of your products into animation and show the best-selling items or what’s on your new collection.

Many marketers are finding that adding animation is just the thing to increase subscriber engagement, and are increasingly turning to animated GIFs in email to provide that bit of extra interest. In 2018, 56.6% of email marketers said that they’re using animated GIFs at least sometimes in their marketing emails.

Your email marketing, from monthly mailings to automated funnels, can take advantage of gifs to enhance user engagement – it’s all about making email marketing that your customers are delighted to open. Try using the above tips to place a gif into your next newsletter showing off the fun video your staff made or including an animated slideshow of your products in your email follow-up to purchases.

Besides, animated GIFs can be used for more than just gimmicks and humor (though in our opinions, that’s fine, too). For instance, we love when brands use GIFs to show off their app or product. Here are a couple of examples:

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