As we have provided many blogs related to affiliate marketing and digital marketing but today Vellko is going to provide the complete process of Digital Marketing Channels Strategy procedurally. The digital marketing process can be applied to any type of business, product, brand, institution, company, as well as online platforms.

In the medium of modern marketing, everyone wants to have their presence on an online platform. If we compare digital marketing with traditional marketing then people would prefer to go ahead with Digital Media. Why is it so? This is because as technology is upgrading, most people have started having their electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, android, tablets, and laptops. Technologies help people to complete their work 100 times faster than traditional work. This tends to increase productivity and save your essential time.

If you are looking to create a successful digital marketing campaign, then you need to know the complete digital marketing process. There are different types of digital marketing people present in the organization. If you are an entrepreneur and yourself wants to start your business using a digital platform. There may be a digital marketing agency/ freelancer/ digital marketing executive or digital marketing manager.

Here comes 5 main steps to understand the procedure

Step 1: Research and collect information.

Before starting with any process you need to collect the relevant information or raw data so that it will help you to move on with the next process. Collecting information will help you to make your strategies on how to proceed further. You may be wondering what kind of information do we have to collect?

1. Collect information regarding your business

2. Start collecting your target customers

3. Collect the information of the product you want to market

4. What type of competitors are present

2. Create your own goals and strategies

This is the second process where you have to create your marketing objectives and to achieve this objective you need to strategize your thinking properly. At this stage, you have to plan your day with the proper timeline. All this comes under the part of the fundamentals of digital marketing.

3. Start promoting your product

This means the process where you have to promote your product in every platform such as social media, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

4. Analyse on digital marketing strategist

After working with several social media platforms, you need to analyze your online marketing business in the form of audience, acquisition, behavior, and conversion.

5. Optimise

This is the last stage of the Digital Marketing Process where you will understand how to verify your process more fruitfully. The entire process again starts whenever you have to promote a new product.


So this is all about Digital Marketing Research and its process. Vellko is known to be the best digital marketing company in Bhopal, and will help you to fulfill your digital marketing goals, by Digital Identities of business. There are many kinds of social media marketing companies available but it is always recommended to choose the best social media advertising and marketing agency. Joining with a reputed organization will help you to have a complete affiliate network for your product that can help to generate revenue for your business.

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