Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest marketing networks where many affiliates are working to generate commissions and income with the help of selling a product and promoting a brand. How to do affiliate marketing with the best affiliate network without any mistake? It has created a big competition among them and people have started making some biggest mistakes that can affect their organization as well. So how to improve these mistakes which are happening in doing affiliate marketing. The Vellko Media is here to guide you on how to avoid the biggest mistakes made by the people. Let’s discuss one by one.

1. Biggest mistake while choosing the wrong niche

2. Biggest mistake while putting an improper content

3. Improper utilization of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

4. Degradation of Site Performance

5. Improper reach out to your customers

1. Biggest mistake while choosing the wrong niche

This is the first mistake usually made by the affiliates while selecting a brand that doesn’t resonate with them. It is highly recommended to select one product that can bring fruitful results. For example, many candidates are interested to work in affiliate marketing programs with zero experience, so for them, it is quite challenging while working in this profession. The solution is to pick one product that can help you to promote at a basic level.

2. Biggest mistake while putting improper content

Affiliate Marketing is that type of marketing where people make their presence online and their product with the help of an online path with various affiliate marketing services. To attract such customers there has to be proper content that can attract according to their needs, demands, and requirements. The foundation of content should be built with a strong instance that can help the organization to build up the relationship with the customer for the long term.

The contents are not only to drive the visitor or traffic to your website, but it also convinces the people to deal with it. There are various articles present on the website such as a blog, news section, and many more. All these contents depend according to the organization and the type of website.

3. Improper utilization of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization will give you a clear-cut picture of your website and your visitors. It tells you the complete report of how much organic traffic is coming to your website, it also reveals how much revenue will get generated. So, if you have a website, product, brand, and services then you can do proper and top affiliate programs. Be aware that there shouldn’t be any mistake while keeping up to date

4. Degradation on site performance

 Affiliate marketing will help you to earn money with affiliate marketing websites. As people are working hard to generate the leads for your products but if your speed and performance of your site is down then it can also affect your sales and you can also suffer a loss in the leads. This is a mistake made by several people working under this scenario. It is one of the highest priorities not to degrade your performance of your website and try to optimize it on a daily or weekly basis.

5. Improper reach out to your customers

From the perspective of the affiliate point of view, there are many other ways to increase your visitor for your brand. Many kinds of platforms are available to reach out to your customer in a proper way like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. While there are platforms available but it creates a bit of a problem while handling each account in your proper way. The refined solution is to strategize the thing so that you can give equal lookup in every social media platform because every affiliate is looking to earn commission in a very huge manner and it needs to analyze the things in a very proper way.

There comes a situation where people started losing their focus. To overcome such a problem, try to stay relevant and keep motivated because if you are trying hard you will get a result in a best-oriented way.


These are some of the biggest mistakes done by people like fresher or experienced in the affiliate marketing field. I hope that you will not make any mistake after reading this blog and you will perform a successful affiliate marketing but if you come with any circumstances do let us know, we are there to help you out.

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