India has changed a lot and when it comes to the digital media platform then there are no words to describe. People have started making their brand-building using an online platform and so is affiliate marketing. Both go in a parallel way but implementing procedures is different.

Customers want to search for the most suitable website and to whom we can have trust. You don’t have to worry at all. There are the best affiliate programs in India that you must try in 2020 for your business concern.

Affiliate programs are also known as associate programs where merchants are paying commission to the website. The agreement is signed according to the number of people sent by the affiliate to the website. The programs are set according to the number of visitors visiting the page having the advertisement. Selecting the affiliate is an effective way to sell out the products or services easily to the people. It is a good process and every organization must go ahead with this module.

This will include a more open opportunity for the upcoming youth to showcase your performances in the field of marketing.

Let’s discuss the top affiliate marketing programs

1.Amazon Associates     

An E-Commerce platform boosts a high commission rate with the best conversion rate. It requires signing up for the program using your account and you will be provided several sets of tools that are openly used in your process.

This kind of affiliate program is best in India as you can as much Commission according to the customers you have provided. Generally, an affiliate earns Commission right from the starting of 0.3% – 12%.

2.Vellko program

This program is based on a simple agreement with an affiliate, given a great opportunity to work with a live project and be a part of it. Working with vellko, you will understand how to grow up in the field of affiliate marketing with various tools involved in it. In the medium of modern marketing, that entire team is professional with every online platform.

3.eBay affiliate

This platform is beneficial for that affiliate who wants to earn commission in a very quick manner. This allows you to subscribe with free of cost. People can easily promote, share, find, and earn. If we calculate the approximate figure of the commission then it would be up to 12%.


So it is all about the affiliate programs. If you are looking out not to lose this opportunity then it’s better to go with Vellko, Top Affiliate Marketing Company in India. For any more details contact us anytime. Stay tuned, stay happy.

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