In this world, there are various marketing activities done for every other organization. When it comes to promotion and sales there comes various types of concept among them is called affiliate marketing in which there are several affiliates with each organization and getting a lump sum amount of commission and incentives. But on the other way, there is a second marketing called media buying that is getting more on an online platform.

Vellko is an top affiliate marketing company and is the best affiliate program to make money. We are receiving lots of inquiries to know the basic difference between affiliate marketing and media buying. So here comes which will describe what are the basic differences and what does it mean. Let’s start by introducing one by one.

What do you mean by affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a simple process of promoting the product and services of an organization through various marketing strategies. In this type of marketing both the parties have to undergo an agreement signed by both the affiliate as well as the organization. Each company sets its commission given to the affiliates.

They have a separate affiliate marketing network people can directly interact with thousands of advertisers and publishers into a common platform. In the medium of modern marketing, everything is done on the online platform. The online platform can be anything but affiliate will choose those platform where he can get more traffic and audience

What do you mean by media buying?

Media buying is a process of purchasing a platform where you can advertise and promote your concern in the form of a message. It is also called purchasing paid traffic for your brand.

When we talk about the difference between affiliate marketing and media buying. The basic difference is that affiliate marketing has more focus to create the content and attract the kind of audiences looking for a product where the media buying will directly purchase advertising space on Google or any platform that gets more and more traffic. They usually purchase that kind of place where they have trust and they can gain more and more exact amount of audiences


You can earn money from affiliate marketing as well as media buying. Both processes have their differences but the output remains the same as everyone is looking for the customers and the revenue. Which one you will prefer. Do let us know!

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