When we talk about affiliate marketing, the marketing is to promote a specific product or services on that type of platform where we can have traffic and visitors. It means that everything is dependent on the traffic sources. So to discuss what are various types of sources, here comes the detailed description and descriptive information about each source one by one and how we can obtain more traffic to get a customer. Yes, we accept that affiliate marketing makes money with the help of traffic. Vellko is here to describe the importance of the sources to perform affiliate marketing strategies.

What are the paid traffic sources?

The name paid traffic means that you will receive the traffic once you go for paid advertisement. The process is quick and reliable. If the clients are looking for an instant result then he can go for a paid advertisement. Once the payment has been done for specific advertising, the traffic will start receiving them on the very first day. How is it done? This is done when the advertisement directly is broadcasted and showcased in front of those who are likely to buy your product.

Social media advertising

There are various types of social media platform that is being displayed in the form of text, content, images, advertisement, and video. All these social media advertisement are cheaper than advertisement on Google. All the social media platform brings more traffic to connect with everyone such as:











Mobile advertising

In the medium of modern marketing, people are used to android phones. According to the graph, more than 80% of the population are using android cell phones whether they are using social media or shopping it from any eCommerce platform. Advertising is also done by the medium of mobile as it is the fastest-growing traffic source & each business can get multiple traffic of what they are looking for.

What are organic traffic sources?

Organic traffic sources are such kinds of sources where you do not need to pay a lump sum amount and you can have less advertisement cost applied to it. This organic traffic is received only because of the quality content. Let’s discuss what are the organic traffic

1. Organic traffic from SEO

Search Engine Optimisation will help you to get the organic traffic from the search queries done by the people on Google. SEO traffic is good as compared to the paid advertisement to get more and more organic customers.

2. Social media traffic

Here social media requires a lot of time and effort. You need to connect more and more people on the same platform, build a relationship, connect with them, describe your product, and consult them to buy this product. Doing regular posting will help you to engage more and more audiences. You can also monetize your social media platform offers and discounts.

3. Email marketing

Today in a professional way of marketing, you can get connected to the people by email. Many organizations usually perform email marketing where they have a bulk of emails in advance the content is being prepared, the email gets shoot to everyone. Email marketing is an indirect process where you are not connecting with any people on a direct basis but you are sending a kind of invitation to them so that they can go through your website and can find interest in your product


The traffic source is dependent on the niche you select. If you are a new startup or new organization then Vellko is there to suggest how to increase traffic according to your industry. Vellko offers the Best Affiliate Marketing Company to the ones who are looking to have such type of organization. It has a great affiliate marketing network and affiliates working for the specific product to get more traffic. We hope that you will find this article suitable according to your requirement. You may also suggest this blog to the ones who are seriously looking to have more traffic. Do contact us anytime

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