Many individuals and organizations are going ahead with affiliate marketing to grow their business and engender revenue. But have you ever thought that there must be some astounding fact defined affiliate marketing? “Affirmative” you will be shocked after knowing the super floss astounding fact of affiliate marketing. Vellko Media will be discussing sundry types of facts about affiliate marketing. Let’s commence the piecemeal.

1. The person working for affiliate marketing can engender million and billions of revenues

Some people are renowned for engendering revenue while working in affiliate marketing. If we take an example of Jason stone who made 7 million revenue in affiliate marketing in a year. Many Publishers are getting maximum revenue from the advertiser. US affiliate marketing customarily increases by 10%. In the year 2018, there were 11400 affiliate marketing programs in the US.

Affiliate marketing skating is more popular in terms of revenue. It is the most expeditious leading marketing platform.

2. Affiliate marketing is a Commission earning program

Earning commission is not one-time. The person who is conventionally working with affiliate marketing is habitual to earn a recurring commission on time. As there are no circumscriptions of the product as accommodations for the customers. Every year there have been changes and updates in the product. This engenders the opportunity to earn a maximum commission from an organization.

Promoting an organization requires some platform, gregarious media, and some strategy. Doing this felicitously avails me to earn more revenue.

3. On comparison of gender, substructure-Men are more intrigued than women

The reason behind it is because men focus more on facts, numbers, and hierarchical structure of business strategy. As compared to women, they conventionally concentrate on experiences. Men are more alacritous to know the facts and adventure of anything.

4.  Online entrepreneurs are having a wider scope of vocation

Affiliates marketing is one of the most immensely colossal and most comprehensive learning platforms for fresher and we can have an effulgent vocation. There are thousands of training courses available including videos, affiliate marketing implements, and much more, where freshers can learn within 2 -3 months and learn with few demos.

Many people are earning a lot and running their lavish life with it. A lot of advertisements are done through this platform due to which Affiliates marketing is incrementing in demands these days. It does not require any degree or master’s degree, people can do it without degree stuff.

5. Proximately 15% of all digital media industry’s revenue emanates from affiliate marketing        

In this era where we are covered with technology and each one of us is having mobiles and phones. Our world IT economy is incrementing because of this reason i.e.  Affiliate marketing. Every industry like Software Industry, Sales, and Product sales, etc are hiring as plenary time and short time. Vellko Media is working for all industries and acts as a component of publishers. We can have immensely colossal revenue in these fields and due to commission-predicated work, we can earn lots i.e. not expected how much.

6. Incrementing in high magnification rate      

Imagination is beyond the human mindsets how this business is incrementing day by day.

As we compare the last five-year statistics, we get acquainted with that in the year 2016 the Projected affiliate marketing revenue was $5, In the year 2017, it was $5.8, now coming to the year 2018 the percentage increased to $6.8. Next year the margin rate perpetuates incrementing at the rate of $7.9 then $9.2 and it can go up to @10.8 approximately due to a lot of freelancers being integrated into this field. Ergo everyone who is fascinated with this domain can have an effulgent future with income.

7. Google analysis of active affiliate marketing

Is there a person like the world’s best software developer working on google, it has its algorithms and data structure and they are tracking the active accounts. Where google promulgated that people in the range of 35 to 44 are having accounts which are the most immensely colossal quota of affiliate markers ecumenical.

At this age, people are working at a very professional rate with incrementing demands. Because the age group of people is more zealous about everything and with their goals towards life, a person who wants their careers in Affiliate marketing can be solved to be best with reverence to the goals. Lots of people from India are earning in lakhs due to sales and marketing knowledge.


Affiliate marketing has proved that it is very deep but if someone took it solemnly, they could become a millionaire. It is open to everyone without any restriction of anyone and can have an abundance of regulations in these fields.

The bar of status is growing with the incrementing rate of trends and technology in human life. Vellko Media is additionally one of the highest and well-kenned affiliate marketing program strategies and it is perpetually promoting the brand throughout its vigor. For more queries please connect us. We are there to avail you out.

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