If you have established a business and its presence on the website, it means that you are all set to get the traffic for your business. For that you are writing content, publishing blogs on the site, social media, and attracting visitors to read what you are explaining of your business prospective. A blog is one of the best ways to get traffic, leads, and visitors which is very helpful to rank your website in Google Search Engine.

Vellko Media will be explaining to you 5 easy procedures on how to increase blog traffic.

  1. Apply Strategies while creating content

If you are looking to get more traffic, then your content should be able to deliver to all the readers. In the case of content delivery, the matter should be more appropriate. For example, if you are writing a blog for any topic- try to find the relevant information that should be included in the content.

Always relate the content with the real-life situation so that the customers who are reading this blog can implement their own example while reading this blog.

Never start writing content without any strategy, it will be of no use. So take some time, develop the strategy, and start writing the opening sentences. Before starting any content, be aware of what kind of audiences are present. Accordingly, you can start writing it.

Let’s take an example of Quora, where you will find several questions asked by the people of different industries, and the writers are providing answers to the particular question. In a simple way, it is a platform of questioning and answering.

2. The blog topic should be innovative and attractive

Always remember that whenever you are writing a blog, the topic should contain an awesome headline. While writing a blog you can enrich your content using infographics or images embedded in it. The content should always be evergreen forever as once the matter gets uploaded it remains for the entire year to all customers.

3. Blog promotion in various media

If you have uploaded many blogs on a website then it’s the right time to select which blog should be promoted. In that case, the newsletter will help you to showcase your best blog in front of the customers. Creating a blog and posting it, is not the complete solution to get the traffic. You need to perform a regular promotion on a circular platform.

You can prepare the newsletter and send them on a weekly or monthly basis. You can also rank your blog with the help of SEO.

4. Find out the availability of audiences

As everything is prepared, blog content has been published, so the next process is to find the maximum number of customers where we can post our blog in front of them. There are various kinds of platforms available. Make a strategy to collect all the interested customers. Similarly, you can understand the requirements of what the people are really searching for?

There are several keywords on which the customers are searching. Try to grab those keywords and create content related to it.

5.Speed Optimization

There are visitors who visit your website but if your website takes more loading time then it can create a big disadvantage to your business. To resolve this, there is something called Google Page speed tools that will provide you the speed score and you can optimize the size of the content, images uploaded, and videos.


So these are the important tips of how to rank your blog in Google Page, How to promote it and I am sure that if you will apply these strategies then you can get the maximum number of traffic. All you need is a good strategy based on the customer requirements.

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