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Who we are

We are open to help the people as we respect their products or brands. This is the only substitute that helps the organization to help. You will get an opportunity to have a competitive pay-out on the leads, and sale. The team is consistently working on the data available on it. We also have an experienced dedicated affiliate marketing manager who has a good knowledge of how to handle your clients in an affiliate network.

We have vertical expertise and research on data-driven and depth of knowledge. The team is there to handle all kinds of situations. We understand all the situations with the required problems, resources, and budgetary action to be taken and combine with our proposed solution with best offer affiliating strategies.

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Our Specialities

Superior Support

The entire support is there to respond to your query. It’s time to initiate by dropping a comment or message and get the reply within a time. Vellko is there to understand your business requirement.

Fascinating team

Having a certified team in the various professional and get the best ROI working with our current strategies

Rapid performance

Vellko is quite focused on using the limited platform and getting the result. As in today's era, there are several platforms available but all it depends on the kind of requirements you are looking for.

Our story

We do not hesitate to reveal that Yes, we have started with few clients, focusing on the specific group of customers. But the constant motivation keeps on working in a positive mode. Taking help from the daily news, information, connecting with those people who frequently active in an online platform. All it has helped us how to apply strategy one at a time. Professional keeps on providing best out of skills, knowledge, education into one bucket that flows into maximum revenue and profits. At present we are making money through the online process. This was an overview of our story.

Get collaborate with Vellko

The team includes the great performers & professional who are well experienced in an advertisement, generating traffic, ads campaigns, sharing the links to the huge network, PPC, and earning the handsome commission.

Foundation of the Vellko

Vellko started with a concept of affiliate marketing strategy that will ensure to have maximum genuine leads and promotional activity that can help to make money online.